About Family Day Care

Family Day Care homes represent a unique childcare setting as they have the dual function of being both the family home and a childcare environment. Educators are paid to provide child care services in their own homes. Approved Educators are recipients of Child Care Benefit payments which are administered by the Family Assistance Office on a parent’s behalf to help them with the cost of child care.

Information For Families

The Family Day Care Co-ordination unit staff are the initial contact point for all the information and advice needed when considering Family Day Care. The Co-ordinators will work with you and your childcare needs and take into account any diversity of language, culture and ability to ensure the perfect fit between your child, educators and their respective families.

Becoming an Educator

To become an approved Educator with Townsville Inner City Family Day Care an applicant must:

  • Complete an initial interview and self assessment
  • Obtain Suitability cards for themselves and anyone over 18 years who lives in or who regularly visits the FDC home
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