Q.  The Management Committee, What is that?

A group of interested parents, educators and community members who help the scheme in its aim to provide high quality home based child care in a flexible, safe and secure environment.


Q.  Doesn’t the Senior Coordinator run the scheme?

No, the senior Coordinator is the day to day manager but reports to the committee for major decisions.  The Coordinator must liaise between educators, parents and staff to ensure everybody has a say.


Q. But I don’t have any skills, I’m just a parent.   What do they do at a meeting?

Being a parent, you are very skilled.  You know what you want for your child.  Being an educator you are very skilled.  You run your own business.  The committee deals with everything from broken equipment, financial reports for the scheme, employment of staff and staff development, and monitoring the operation of the scheme and the policy information.  Issues are discussed and decisions made regarding the overall management of the scheme in line with Commonwealth and State rules and regulations.


Q.  How much time is involved?

As an ordinary member just one meeting per month.  As an executive there may be day to day communication.  Come along to the AGM, have a cuppa and see if you would like to be involved.