Information for Families

About the Coordination Unit

The Family Day Care Coordination unit staff are the initial contact point for all the information and advice needed when considering Family Day Care. The Coordinators will work with you and your childcare needs and take into account any diversity of language, culture and ability to ensure the perfect fit between your child, educators and their respective families.

The coordination unit may also offer relief care if your usual educator is unwell or plans to take leave.

Visit Educators unannounced regularly for support and to ensure that the quality of care is being maintained.

On occasions, other support may include assuming care of the child/ren in an Educator’s home to maintain a consistent and familiar environment for the child/ren while the educator attends an appointment. (Refer to Supporting the role of the Educator Policy).

Identify and assist in meeting special needs of Educators e.g. In-Service training, equipment.

Develop and implement effective procedures to ensure that each child using the Scheme is placed in the home of the most appropriate Educator available, taking into account parents and Educator’s views, disabilities or special needs, cultural and religious requirements ect. Where possible, parents will be given the opportunity to meet with more than one Educator.

Maintain records in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011.


Why Choose Family Day Care?

  • Flexible child care options including:
    Full time, part time, casual
    Before and after school
    School holiday care
  • Lower child to educator ratios allowing strong relationships to develop between families, children and educators.
  • Consistency of one educator assists children to feel safe and secure in a familiar environment
  • Play-based learning programs developed to meet the individual needs of each child



It is a goal of Townsville Inner City Family Day Care Scheme Incorporated to create safe environments for children and young people in family day care, and an environment in which they can learn and grow. Children will be placed in the home of the most appropriate educator available. Where possible, parents will be given the opportunity to meet with more than one Educator.



Educators set their own fee for the service they provide and will supply a copy of their schedule during interview. Refer to this schedule for all charging practices and conditions.

Play Sessions

Once a month an Early Childhood Coordinator from the scheme meets with a group of educators and children at the RSL Aged Care Facility in Rowes Bay for a play session. The children participate in activities, music and stories. Our family day care scheme is actively participating with our community through this play session. The children benefit from interacting with other children, and as many of the children don’t have grandparents living nearby, the play session gives the children the opportunity to interact with elderly people.  The RSL residents benefit from positive interactions with young children.

Groups of Educators may operate play sessions together, and it is recommended that Educators regularly attend if there are Play sessions in their area.