About Family Day Care

Family Day Care homes represent a unique childcare setting as they have the dual function of being both the family home and a childcare environment. Educators are paid to provide child care services in their own homes.  Approved Educators are recipients of Child Care Benefit payments which are administered by the Family Assistance Office on a parent’s behalf to help them with the cost of child care.

The Coordination Unit supports Educators through regular home visits, organised play sessions and training to assist them in maintaining a high quality service.  Resources are also available  e.g. toys, library books, videos, educational literature, car seats and cots.  Educators can make many new friends by participating in the Scheme’s social functions.

Each day is child focused and planned according to the Educator’s understanding of the developmental and cultural needs and interests of individual children in their care.

Everyone involved in Family Day Care must abide by the National Regulations, Commonwealth Funding Guidelines and scheme policies.

National Regulations 2011 commenced on Jan 2012 and these can be accessed on www.acecqa.gov.au


The Structure of Townsville Inner City Family Day Care



Townsville Inner City Family Day Care Scheme  Philosophy

We believe in Family Day Care as a unique quality Early Childhood Education choice for parents.

The Educators and Co-ordination unit staff, supported by the Management Committee, work as a team to offer a flexible home based program within national regulations and scheme policies and procedures.

All stakeholders have the opportunity to participate in decision-making through newsletters, questionnaires, forums and Management Committee meetings, enabling assessment and improvement to be ongoing, and further education is strongly encouraged to keep the scheme at the forefront of the industry.


The scheme provides a rich environment:

For Children

  • where they are able to experience individualised attention and positive relationships in small groups.  These, along with a play based learning environment are vital in developing the brain function that underpins all further development.
  • that responds to every child’s individual needs and interests and enables them to grow and develop at their own pace.
  • where they are encouraged to explore and investigate their own environment through play, providing opportunities to learn as they discover, create, improvise and imagine.
  • that offers an abundance of spontaneous learning moments as children are exposed to everyday situations within the home as well as the wider community.
  • including playgroups and scheme activities that offer opportunities for socialisation in larger groups.


For Families

  • vacancies permitting, we offer full-time, part-time, casual, before and after school, vacation, evening, weekend, overnight, 24 hour care, with flexible starting and finishing times and emergency care at short notice.
  • we provide support, community information and advice to parents, recognising the connections between children, families and communities and the importance of reciprocal relationships and partnerships for learning.
  • we provide inclusive access, appreciating the individuality of the family.
  • partnerships with families recognising cultural diversity are created; where respect and collaboration ensures the learning experiences are meaningful.


For Educators

  • we provide support for Educators in the form of phone contact (including after hours), visits, equipment, training and other resources.
  • we value Educators’ knowledge of individual children, enabling them to provide environments and experiences that will optimise children’s learning.
  • we value their individual skills, knowledge and personalities that enrich their pedagogical practices.
  • a lively culture of professional enquiry is encouraged, where issues related to curriculum and practices can be researched, debated and reviewed.
  • we encourage Educators to carefully consider the hours they work, so that they can comfortably manage their work and other personal and family responsibilities, and we also encourage them to take regular holidays.